Lammermoor Whisky Flask | Expression of Interest | Limited Release

Perfect in time for Christmas we have a limited release of Lammermoor branded Whisky flasks with a little surprise! 

We are still one year off releasing our first malt however as a special preview we are excited to invite you to try what we are calling our "expression of interest" malt. Distilled in 2016 and aged in small 20L Oak casks this Whisky is non smoked with hints of vanilla and manuka.

Be a part of the Lammermoor journey and try our very first (pre) release! 


John & Susie Elliot 


Here is what one of our customers said:

"Sue, wow I am glad I bought the hip flask. Stunning. Absolutely loving your Whisky. Totally looking forward to a bottle. I'm head over heels, it's delicious it's rapturous. That's my top favourite now" - Brad


Each flask contains approx 200ml of our first malt whisky distilled in 2016.

Approx 43.8% abv. 

Included in package: Each flask comes with 2x stainless glasses & a filler in a branded presentation box.