The Legend of Lammermoor

Lammermoor Station has distilling at its heart. As a landmark destination for gold miners, prospectors and other hardy souls during the 1860s, Lammermoor Range illegally distilled ‘moonshine’ for all those who travelled the Dunstan Trail. In the early 1900s the Elliot family began to farm the 15,000 acre station, which is nestled in the Central Otago region of New Zealand. Although the distillery was no longer functioning the land still held secrets of it’s past. John’s Grandfather had reminded his son of the Station's original still which he found shortly after his return from the war. He asked him if he remembered its location and while John’s father was sure that he did, on such a large station the hills and gullies can begin to look alike. The still remains lost to this day. 

"If someone tells John he can’t do something he says “oh wanna bet?” - Susie Elliot

John's ‘can do’ farmer’s attitude is reflected all throughout the distillery, particularly in how he sourced the equipment. After being told it would be too difficult to do their own malting on-site, John tracked down the owners of two Vallero Italian drums he had seen on the side of the road. Originally used for tanning lamb skins, they are now both repurposed to malt the home-grown barley in the distillery. A 140-year-old machine from Dunedin’s Bell Tea factory and a WWII Fighter Plane heater are among other recycled machines used to create the spirits.

Truly a family run operation, John, Susie and their children have been busy distilling since opening in 2017. They are creating a uniquely Kiwi range of different gin and single malt whisky expressions which include a Manuka smoked whisky and Otago peated single malts. To experience this unique distillery and taste the array of craft Gin and Whisky, book a distillery tour now.