What Our Customers Say

  • "I just wanted to say how much our group enjoyed visiting the Distillery last weekend.  The drive to Lammermoor Station was just amazing for a start and then to hear of the  road you have travelled to get the Distillery up and running was quite incredible. Even the non spirit drinkers enjoyed the opportunity to have a taste  and as one who enjoys gin I have tucked my bottle away until Christmas. We all loved the story of Gin and Bare it.

    Best wishes for your venture  and when the opportunity arises we will be back, Hopefully when the peonies and roses are in bloom."

    - Glenys, Kevin & the 10 others.

  • “A distillery with true heart and passion” 

    - Rex | Bellarine Distillery

  • Sue, wow I am glad I bought the hip flask. Stunning. Absolutely loving your Whisky. Totally looking forward to a bottle. I'm head over heels, it's delicious it's rapturous. That's my top favourite now.

    - Brad