Welcome to Special Reserve , Single Malt Whisky!


Our whisky begins with natural spring water sourced from right here on Lammermoor Station.

Our home grown Organic Barley is also used in our Whisky.

Our whisky is aged in locally sourced  Central Otago Pinot Barrels which are made of French oak!

Our climatic conditions are dramatic and this encourages Whisky to breath in the wood depending on the weather!  On a hot day the wood expands allowing the whisky to breathe more, whilst on a cold day it contracts.  This all helps in the ageing process of our whisky!

This Whisky has fabulous colour and maturity for its youthfulness, but  our extreme hot and cold climate accentuate and in fact accelerate these complex processes.

Once again this is a limited bottling!

All bottles are individually numbered!

NOSE - hints of sweet caramel with hints of toffee in a lightly peaty fruity surround!

TASTE- smooth and sweet up front with hints of caramels building across the palette to release a fruity luscious lightly peated malt!


Lammermoor Whisky

Relinquished “spring laden” water, high on the Lammermoor’s,

Begins its profound journey, to the valley floor’s,

Cascading Aqua tumbles through “silver tussocks” and matagouri,

Brookside burn”, has the rightful contour to carry,

The crystal clear liquid enters the Distillery of sort

Nearly captured, but never caught,

Consummated marriage, with Barley and yeast,

Commences its process, to tame this beast,

Distilling the amber spirit awakens each dawn

Water of life” is soon to be born,

Port bloodied barrels, steadfast in anticipation,

The “new make” inaugurates its maturation.

Climatic seasons unfold, yielding the aromatic flavor,

Judicious connoisseurs, gratefully savor

Unleashed and enjoyed, the golden glow is set free

Lammermoor Whisky, distilled illegally, since 1863